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Great Britain 1873 Gothic Florin Love Token Brooch

1873 gothic florin love token brooch, reverse inscribed with a spray of flowers.

The Mint Birmingham Limited Advertising Token

The Mint Birmingham Advertising Token c. 1889 Undated Copper advertising token 25.6mm Adv 24 A Numismatic History of the Birmingham Mint by James O Sweeney (p. 67) suggest a date of 1889 as the Mint also, in that year, struck

The Mint Birmingham Limited Advertising Token

Birmingham Mint token Undated Copper-Nickel (75/25) advertising token 25mm with plain edge. 5.58g. Circa. 1900. Obverse depicts a male worker and female artist with legend “The Mint Birmingham Limited”. Reverse states “Manufacturers of Non-Ferrous Alloys In Sheets Strip Wire Blanks