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Australia (1943) Internment Camp Penny PCGS AU50

Internment Camp penny KM-Tn1.1

Australia 1910 Threepence PCGS MS63

Purchased from a well-known Australian coin dealer graded as Gem Unc.

Australia 1910 Threepence PCGS MS66

Australia 1910 3d PCGS MS66

Australia 1910-1964 Threepence Blank Planchet

Threepence rimmed blank planchet weighing 1.41 grams.

Australia 1911-1964 Halfpenny Blank Planchet

Halfpenny rimmed blank planchet weighing 5.67 grams.

Australia 1911-1964 Penny Blank Planchet

penny rimmed blank planchet weighing 9.45 grams.

Australia 1914 Counterfeit Shilling

Click image to enlarge Contemporary cast base metal counterfeit. Shows some hints of attempted silvering. Many scrape marks, presumably test marks to determine if the coin was silver or not.

Australia 1917 1/2d MS65RB

Australia 1917 1s MS64

Australia 1918M Sixpence Emu Trench Art

Australian Sixpence with Punched Emu -Trench Art WWI trench art.