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Australia 1855 Thomas White Westbury Half Penny Trade Token Restrike

1855 Thomas White Westbury 1/2d token – re-strike Thomas White Westbury half penny traders token. This is a re-strike struck in 1979 by a descendant of Thomas White for sale to tourists in Tasmania. Ref: “A Study of Australasian Trade

Australia 1857 Robert Hyde Peace & Plenty Penny Token

Australia 1857 Peace & Plenty Token Mangy looking Robert Hyde Peace & Plenty Token. Coin Information Reference Number: C071507 Country: Australia Denomination: 1d Year: 1857 Grade: VG

Australia 4 Shilling WOC Miller and Morris Check Piece

Click image to enlarge 4 shilling token/check piece by makers Miller and Morris. Coin Information Reference Number: C041708 Country: Australia Denomination: 4 Shilling Mint: Miller and Morris Grade: VF

Australia Stockton Ferries Token Brockage Error

Stockton Ferries token brockage error. Holed token. The Stockton Ferry runs across the mouth of the Hunter River between Stockton and Newcastle north of Sydney.