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United States 2000 Cent Indent with Brockage

So many cool errors, this coin was struck against a coin leaving a smooged brockage imprint in the indent region and the whole coin struck only partially in the collar.

United States Greater Houston Coin Club Token 1997 Quadruple Strike Error

Greater Houston Coin Club 1997 Error Token Greater Houston Coin Club token from the Gallery Mint Museum (Eureka Springs Arkansas) by Ron Landis. The reverse reads “Greater Houston Coin Club” and the obverse reads “1997 Libertie Yie Yippy” and features

USA 1937D Buffalo Nickel

USA 1937D Nickel Coin Information Reference Number: X8304/14 Country: USA Denomination: 5c Year: 1937 Mint: Denver Grade: UNC

USA 1950 50 Cent Booker T Washington

USA 1950 50c Booker T Washington Coin Information Reference Number: 05/14X53 Country: USA Denomination: 50c Year: 1950 Mint: Philadelphia Grade: UNC

USA 1950 Encased Dime – Neutron Irradiated

Irradiated Encased Dime – American Museum of Atomic Energy 1950 dime encased in an aluminium and mica. Neutron irradiated at the Oak Ridge reactor in Tennessee and sold as a souvenir. Read more here. Coin Information Reference Number: C071605 Country:

USA 1952 50 Cent Booker T Washington and Washington Carver

USA 1952 50c Booker T Washington and Washington Carver Coin Information Reference Number: 05/14X73 Country: USA Denomination: 50c Year: 1952 Mint: Philadelphia Grade: UNC