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Australia 1966 1 Cent Clipped Planchet Error

Curved clip planchet error coin from the first year of decimals.

Australia 1966 1 Cent Cud

Massive Cud on the obverse edge. Quite a large piece of die has broken off causing this cud defect of raised metal.

Australia 1966 1 Cent Elliptical Clipped Planchet Error

Click image to enlarge Interesting 1966 1 cent (Canberra) elliptical clip error coin. Strong fishtailing around ABETH II and strike doubling on the ELIZ. Interestingly there’s strong fishtailing on the 1966 too, which could either be due to strong Blakesley

Australia 1966 1 Cent PCGS MS65BN Broadstrike Error

A lovely little error from the Canberra Mint.

Australia 1966 1 Cent Ramstrike Error

Uncirculated one cent ramstrike error from the first year of issue.

Australia 1966 10 Cent Incomplete Planchet Error

Interesting incomplete planchet error. Planchet thins out quickly near the missing region of the coin. Could be argued that it is a type of clipped planchet (perhaps an end-of-bar) but visually it’s quite different to the typical error of that type. Not often seen on decimal coins.

Australia 1966 10c Clipped Planchet Error

Uncirculated clipped planchet coin.

Australia 1966 10c PR68DCAM

Australia 1966 1c PR67DCAM

Australia 1966 2 Cent PCGS MS63RB Broadstrike Error

Lots of metal flow and fishtailing of the legends.