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1941 Unofficial ID Tag on 1941 Tunisia 50 Centimes

Click image to enlarge Tunisian 1941 aluminium bronze 50 centimes with reverse skimmed off and A. SCOBBIE punched into it. Probably a WW2 ID tag of British or US origins, both of those countries had large numbers of soldiers in

Australia 1918M Sixpence Emu Trench Art

Australian Sixpence with Punched Emu -Trench Art WWI trench art.

Australia 1919M Sixpence Art George Cycling

Obverse Re-Designed George V

Australia 1966 50 Cent Pendant

1966 50 Cent Pendant

Australia 1966 50 Cent Pendant

1966 50 Cent Pendant

Australia Children’s Token Circa 1918-1919 – SELMAR MELVIN 9 YEARS

Circa 1918-1919 Children’s Token Interesting token, probably intended for identification of a child. Made from a British Edward VII penny with the reverse shaved off and an inscription stamped, retains some silvering and there is evidence of a mounted loop.

British 1905 Victory Medallet

Click image to enlarge 17mm copper medallet, Obverse shows starboard broadside of HMS Victory with VICTORY 1905 below. Reverse reads: FROM B.F.S.S NELSON CENTENARY CONTAINING VICTORY COPPER E.R. VII According to this page these small Victory Medallets were given to

British Propaganda Lusitania Medal

Click image to enlarge 54mm British copy of Goetz Lusitania medal. Made from iron.

British World War 2 Unofficial ID Disc on French 2 Franc

Click image to enlarge 1931+ French Aluminium Bronze 2 Frances with reverse skimmed off. Engraved in script on the skimmed reverse is: L.N. Ledsham 295067 Holed on both sides, probably for attaching to clothing or a bag. Likely a WW2

Counter Stamped 8.4g Bronze Disk GAV WOOD

Click image to enlarge Bronze disk weighing 8.44g counterstamped three times on one side with GAV WOOD. Possibly a very worn British half-penny of the late 18th or early 19th centuries.