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Australia 1910-1964 Threepence Blank Planchet

Threepence rimmed blank planchet weighing 1.41 grams.

Australia 1911-1964 Halfpenny Blank Planchet

Halfpenny rimmed blank planchet weighing 5.67 grams.

Australia 1911-1964 Penny Blank Planchet

penny rimmed blank planchet weighing 9.45 grams.

Australia 1926 Halfpenny Ramstrike Error

A very rare early coin error, a 1926 halfpenny ramstrike with a high lip on a beautiful woodgrain planchet.

Australia 1941 Shilling Ramstrike Error

Ramstrike in collar 1941 shilling error. Major off-centre with design missing. 5mm lip, resembles a cap with brim. Milling present.

Australia 1943 Penny Double Strike Error

Double struck Australian penny.

Australia 1943I Penny Large Reverse Cud Variety

Large reverse cud caused by a die break.

Australia 1943m Penny Lamination Flaws

Lamination flaws extending through the coin causing holes you can see through.

Australia 1943S Florin 80 Degree Upset Error

This 1943S Australian florin has a the reverse upset by about 80 degrees. An interesting and extremely rare error for florins of this year and as far as we know, the only one known.

Australia 1944s Threepence Partial Brockage Indent Error

Indent with partial reverse brockage.