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Ireland 1822 Half Penny KM#150

Ireland 1822 1/2d KM#150

Ireland 1928 1d UNC

Ireland 1928 1d UNC

Ireland 1928 Penny

Ireland 1942 1s PCGS MS65

Ireland 1942 Shilling PCGS MS65

Ireland 1942 2s PCGS MS66

Ireland 1942 Florin

Ireland 1949 1d CHUNC

Ireland 1949 Penny

Ireland 1953 1/2d PCGS MS64RD

Ireland 1954 1s CHUNC

Ireland 1952 Shilling

Ireland 1954 Half Crown UNC

Ireland 1954 Half Crown

Ireland 1961 Half Crown Mule

1961 Half Crown Mule Regular (non mule) Reverse Interesing ‘mule’ variety. About 50,000 half crowns were struck with the reverse die used from 1928 to 1937. Can be identified using the following criteria: The OI of COROIN are close together