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Fiji 1936 1d UNC

Fiji 1936 Penny

Fiji 1965 Penny Off Centre Hole Error

The centre hole has been punched off-centre. The hole was punched in the planchet before the coin was struck.

Fiji 1968 Penny Off Center Hole Error

It’s not too hard to find coins with off-center holes like this one. However, it’s not common to find one in such a nice grade. If you look at the shape of the hole you’ll note that it is indented where the coin legends and devices finish on the edge of the hole. This is because when the coin was struck the metal in these areas flowed into the empty hole. This is an indication that the holes on these Fijian pennies were punched into the planchet BEFORE the coin was struck.

Fiji 1969 5 Cent Split Planchet

The rarest split planchet coin error struck after the planchet has split in half. 1.34 grams.

Fiji 1987 50 Cent Misaligned Reverse Die Error