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Australian Ten Shillings Short Snorter Banknote (1)

Occasionally we veer off course from our coin collecting into the strange and wonderful world of interesting historical pieces…. Australian Ten Shillings Short Snorter Banknote (1) Short snorter pair of 1942 general prefix Armitage/McFarlane banknotes. Autographed by the 33 division …

Australia 1942 Ten Shilling Armitage McFarlane Banknote Short Snorter Pair Read More »

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Harold Peake PLI Collection 1988 $10 plastic notes Album No. 36, green album w/slipcover. PLI-Perspex, Laminated and (as) Issued. Contains 3 same serial commemorative uncirculated banknotes. Serial # AA03 053025 Note Encased in Perspex. Second issue NPA (with NPA embedded …

Australia 1988 Bicentennial Commemorative $10 Banknote Folder by Harold Peake Read More »

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Phillipines One Peso Short Snorter

Phillipines One Peso Short Snorter Short snorter Phillipines One Peso banknote. Dated 14.10.45 autographed by a number of military personnel presumably in the one division. One particular signature is identified as Battams, Sydney Clement from Payneham SA SX2321. If you …

Phillipines Victory One Peso Banknote Short Snorter Read More »

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