Australia 1988 Bicentennial Commemorative $10 Banknote Folder by Harold Peake

Harold Peake PLI Collection 1988 $10 plastic notes Album No. 36, green album w/slipcover. PLI-Perspex, Laminated and (as) Issued.

Contains 3 same serial commemorative uncirculated banknotes.
Serial # AA03 053025 Note Encased in Perspex. Second issue NPA (with NPA embedded strip) 180mm x 120mm mintage approx. 600

AA18 053025 Laminated Note (with official permission of NPA)

AA16 053025 As Issued Note

The album is well presented with the perspex block sitting inside a wooden frame. There are many photographs and articles written by Harold Peake about the commemorative banknote and it’s issue.

Coin Information

Reference Number:K00269
Denomination:$10 Bicentennial Commemorative Banknote Folder
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