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  • GB 1965 Penny Partial Collar Strike

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Australia 1976 20 Cent Split Planchet Mated Pair Error - This 20c piece split in two pieces some time after the coin was struck. Each piece fit together perfectly. The inner split sides features parallel metal striations.
Australia 1915 To Commemorate the Landing Medallion - Click image to enlarge Listed in Carlisle as C1915/7. Minted in bronze, silvered bronze, silver and gold (just 4 minted in gold). This one is silvered bronze. One side shows a soldier with arm raised next to a wounded comrade
Australia 1915 Remember the Dardanelles Medallion - Click image to enlarge Listed in Carlisle as C1915/5. Same type as shown in this entry. This particular item slightly nicer than the other with brighter silvering an much finer rims.
British 1905 Victory Medallet - Click image to enlarge 17mm copper medallet, Obverse shows starboard broadside of HMS Victory with VICTORY 1905 below. Reverse reads: FROM B.F.S.S NELSON CENTENARY CONTAINING VICTORY COPPER E.R. VII According to this page these small Victory Medallets were given to
British World War 2 Unofficial ID Disc on French 2 Franc - Click image to enlarge 1931+ French Aluminium Bronze 2 Frances with reverse skimmed off. Engraved in script on the skimmed reverse is: L.N. Ledsham 295067 Holed on both sides, probably for attaching to clothing or a bag. Likely a WW2

About My Coinalog

Welcome to our online coin catalog.  We are both collectors of Australian and World coins and over the years have built up decent catalogs in Excel (or Windows Notepad or even tiny scraps of paper). This has been a lot of work and it seemed to be time to move our catalogs online and make them available for all to see. This site is the result. Each coin listed here is one we currently own or have owned at one stage and includes information on the coin type, the grade, and when we purchased it. The site also stores some private information that you cannot see (but we can) such as the price we paid for the items and where we bought them from.

The Images on this Site

We have taken a lot of time and effort to learn how to take great coin images and you can see the results of our efforts on this site.  Our camera setup comprises a Nikon D7100 DSLR, a Tamron 90mm macro lens, a copystand, and 300 watts of halogen lighting.  The bad news is that because of the many hundreds of hours we’ve spent taking our images (not to mention the money spend on equipment) we’d really rather you didn’t use our images without our permission.  So if you want to use our images please Contact Us and ask us for permission.  The good news is that we almost always say yes,

Are the Coins for Sale?

Generally no, but from time to time we may be interested in selling one or two.  To see what’s currently for sale click on the “Coins For Sale” link you can see above.  All prices on this site are in US Dollars and do not include shipping.