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2008 10 cent partial collar -tilted

Minimal edge milling present, this coin was barely in the collar when it was struck.

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2008 $2 Tilted Partial Collar Error

An excellent example of a tilted partial collar.

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Tail Cud (left), Numeral 1 Cud (right)

2008 standard design mob of 5 kangaroos dollar with two cuds. This coin has a cud on the numeral 1 and also on the underside of the large kangaroos tail.

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2008 Dollar with Rabbit Ears

An example of the famous rabbit ear cud found behind the ear of the top kangaroo. This variety is found on numerous years of this coin design.

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Australia 2009 $2 Double Struck

Off-centre double strike with 2 dates.

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2010 Reverse Cuds -Backpack and Spew Roo Variety

The mob of roos reverse is prone to breaks in the die and these locations are the more well known. Affectionately called the backpack cud and spew roo cud this coin has both.

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Click image to enlarge Crummy images. Interesting ex mint set coin with scratch direct from mint set packaging. Rim at 11 o’clock on obverse appears to be struck through grease. Coin Information Reference Number: C011604 Country: Australia Denomination: 20c Year: …

Australia 2015 20 Cent Mint Set Coin PCGS Scratch Read More »

Australian $2 Blank

Two dollar rimmed blank weighs 6.56g

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Incuse Millennium 50c PCGS MS64

Incuse Millennium 50c PCGS MS64 Coin Information Reference Number: C031215 Country: Australia Denomination: 50 Cent Year: 2000 Mint: Royal Australian Mint Grade: Choice Uncirculated PCGS Reference: 24172214 Error Type: Incuse Millennium Variety

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Click image to enlarge Leather coin wallet presented to coin designer Stuart Devlin at the time of changeover to decimal currency, 1966. Orange leather sewn wallet, gilt stamped “STUART DEVLIN” inside and “AUSTRALIAN DECIMAL COINS” outside. The wallet has a …

Stuart Devlin Leather Coin Wallet c.1966 Read More »

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