Australian World War 1 Identity Disk – C.R.E Woods 457

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Unofficial World War 1 identity disk made from a French Empire 10 centimes. Obverse has been skimmed off and stamped with a chisel or flat bladed tool to read:

457 C.R.E. WOODS

When purchased the service number was incorrectly described as 451 but it has been crudely corrected to 457 which matches the service records of Cyril Rupert Ernest Woods (records obtained from National Archives of Australia). Woods enlisted in May 1916 and served initially in the 2/2 Cyclist Battalion, then the 1st ANZAC Cyclists Battalion, and then the 17th Machine Gun Company and finally the 4th Machine Gun Battalion. Cyril Woods held the rank of Driver during the war and returned to Australia in September 1919.

Coin Information

Reference Number:C011801
Denomination:10 Centimes
Year:1914 to 1918
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