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Straits Settlements 1919-1926 Cent KM#32 Gaming Token?

Straits Settlements 1c Gaming Token KM#32. Interesting piece that has had the reverse skimmed off and a crude 13 engraved in it’s place. Perhaps a gaming token? Coin Information Reference Number: C071505 Country: Straits Settlments Denomination: 1 cent Year: 1919,

Thailand 1962 Baht Trial Strike on Bronze

Thailand Baht Trial Strike Coin Information Reference Number: C011404 Country: Thailand Denomination: 1 Baht Year: circa 1962 Grade: EF An interesting striking of the 1962 Thailand baht on a rectangular 21.6 gram bronze (or copper) planchet. Presumably a trial strike.

Thailand 1962-1980 Baht Double Struck Error

An interesting double struck Thai baht. First strike was well centered. Second strike was offset by about 15% of the coin diameter and rotated by approximately 110 degrees anti clockwise.

Turkey 25 Kurush Full Obverse Brockage Error

Turkey 25 Kurush Full Obverse Brockage Error Interesting full obverse brockage error struck on a Turkish 25 Kurush gold (91.7%) coin KM#851. . The 25 kurush was struck by Turkey as a bullion coin for most of the 20th Century