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Australia 1917 1s MS64

Coin Information Country: Australia Denomination: 1s Year: 1917 Mint: M Grade: MS64 PCGS Reference: 18188102

Australia 1918M Sixpence Emu Trench Art

Australian Sixpence with Punched Emu -Trench Art WWI trench art. Coin Information Reference Number: K00165 Country: Australia Denomination: Sixpence Year: 1918 Mint: Melbourne

Australia 1925 Counterfeit Florin

Australia 1925 Florin – Base Metal Forgery Contemporary cast base metal counterfeit. Shows some hints of attempted silvering. Coin Information Reference Number: C071603 Country: Australia Denomination: Florin Year: Australia Error Type: Contemporary Base Metal Counterfeit

Australia 1925 Penny PCGS XF45

1925 Penny PCGS XF45 Coin Information Country: Australia Denomination: Penny Year: 1925 Grade: XF45 PCGS Reference: 14049912

Australia 1926 Halfpenny Ramstrike Error

A very rare early coin error, a 1926 halfpenny ramstrike with a high lip on a beautiful woodgrain planchet.

Australia 1927 Canberra Florin PCGS MS65

Darker in hand than the image suggests. The green’s and blue’s are a standout on this coin.

Australia 1927 Parliament Florin PCGS MS66

Australia Parliament Florin PCGS MS66 Bought raw from Downies Auction #61, lot 1558. Coin Information Reference Number: C070702 Country: Australia Denomination: 2s Year: 1927 Mint: Melbourne Grade: PCGS MS66 PCGS Reference: 14049914

Australia 1928 Counterfeit Sixpence

Click image to enlarge Contemporary cast base metal counterfeit. Forgeries of small denominations less commonly seen that forged florins and shillings. This example is exceptionally crude. Coin Information Reference Number: C111706 Country: Australia Denomination: Florin Year: 1936 Error Type: Contemporary

Australia 1928 Shilling

1928 Shilling Low grade genuine 1928 shilling purchased as a comparison piece for the counterfeit 1928 shilling you can see here. Coin Information Reference Number: C011606 Country: Australia Denomination: Shilling Year: 1928 Mint: Royal Mint Melbourne Grade: F

Australia 1928 Shilling Counterfeit

Fake 1928 Shilling Contemporary silver counterfeit, probably minted in China in the early 1930’s. An interesting forgery which is discussed in the 1950’s book “The Shadow”. Read the full story here. You can view another of these counterfeits here. Coin