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New Zealand 2004 10 Cent 1 Dollar Mule

New Zealand 2004 10c/$1 Mule New Zealand 10 cent from 2004 with a New Zealand dollar obverse. Read more on The Australian Coin Collecting Blog Coin Information Reference Number: K00177 Country: New Zealand Denomination: 10c Year: 2004 Mint: Royal Mint

New Zealand 2004 5 Cents PCGS MS66

New Zealand 2004 5 Cent PCGS MS66 The New Zealand Coin and Banknote catalogue suggests 15,000,000 of these coins were struck but only an estimated 48,000 coins were issued. Coin Information Country: New Zealand Denomination: 5 Cents Year: 2004 Grade:

New Zealand 50 Cent Uncirculated Split Planchet Error

New Zealand 50 Cent Split Planchet Error Split planchet error, the coin strike occurring after the planchet split in two. The split face of the coin is the obverse. Strike weakness is apparent because of the underweight planchet. Weighs 6.85g,

Papua New Guinea 1975 1 Kina Off Centre Hole Error

Off centre hole error.

Papua New Guinea 1975 1 Kina Off Centre Hole Error

Off centre hole.

Papua New Guinea 1975 20 Toea Indent with 1 Toea Blank

Papua New Guinea 1975 20 Toea coin struck with a stray 1 Toea blank planchet in the press at the same time. This created an impression of the blank planchet in the obverse of the coin 17.65mm wide. A very impressive indent error coin.