Zambia 1964 Shilling PCGS MS65 with Security Edge Error

Zambia 1964 Shilling with Security Edge

Zambia 1964 Shilling with Security Edge

Struck at the Royal Mint in London in error on a planchet with a security edge. A Zambian shilling of 1964 should have interrupted edge milling but no security edge. Weighs 5.65 grams. To date we haven’t been able to determine a 5.65g copper-nickel coin of that era from another country that this planchet had been intended for so it’s feasable that the planchet was accidently run though the upsetting mill applying the security edge.

During 1964 the Royal Mint were putting security edges on planchets for coins such as the Hong Kong 50c, this is done on the upsetting mill in a process separate to striking the coin. The upsetting mill turns a round metal disc into a rimmed blank planchet.

Coin Information

Mint:Royal Mint London
Grade:PCGS MS65
PCGS Reference:34905189
Error Type:Security Edge Error

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