Chile Copiapo 1859 Peso PCGS AU58

Chile Copiapo 1859 Peso

Chile Copiapo 1859 Peso

Coin Information

Reference Number:03/14X403
Country:Chile Copiapo
Grade:PCGS AU58
PCGS Reference:30515196

KM2.1 Issued for Copiapo in 1859. Uniface with Chilean star in a shield with the denomination below. This coin is the has the star oriented correctly in the shield. There is a variety where the star is upside down. These were a revolutionary coinage issued by Don Pedro Leon Gallo. Gallo was a failed liberal (left wing) revolutionary from Copiapo, a city in northern Chile and the Copiapo Province regional capital. Copiapo also issued emergency coinage in 1865 as a result of a war with Spain.

Reference: Obsidional

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