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il Buco Italian Restaurant Medallion with Sydney Harbour Bridge Design

This medallion with suspension loop was probably once a keyring advertising . The restaurant is still trading and still has the same phone number. The 7 digit phone number on the medallion dates it from the 1960’s to 1996.

Order of Australia Medal (OAM) General Division

This Medal of the Order OAM was awarded to Monty McDonald in 1997. The design of the silver gilt medal is by Stuart Devlin.

Sydney Harbour Bridge 1932-1982 Jubilee Carl Veen Medal 1982/32

Sydney Harbour Bridge 1932-1982 Jubilee Medal Carl Veen This medal has a tiny mintage of just 21 and was produced privately by Sydney medal collector Carl Veen. Diameter 30.4mm, Bronze. Carlisle reference 1982/32. ex Carl Veen collection Coin Information Reference

Sydney Harbour Bridge 1987 No Toll Carl Veen Medal

Sydney Harbour Bridge 1987 No Toll Carl Veen Medal 1987 No Toll. Unlisted in Carlisle. Similar to the Carl Veen 1982 Medal for the 50th anniversary of the iconic Bridge. It was 1987 when the Sydney Harbour Bridge toll was

Sydney Harbour Bridge James Cook Baker Paddington Medal 1932/2

Carlisle 1932/2 Legends read “James Cook Baker Paddington Captain James Cook RN Sydney Harbour Bridge March 19 1932 The Pilot S.S Captain Cook”. 25mm. Gilt finish. Struck by Armor Mint for James Cook Baker located in (32-38) Victoria St Paddington,

Sydney Harbour Bridge Medal 1932/1

Carlisle 1932/1 Sydney Harbour Bridge medal with hole for a pin. Reverse states “Made in Sydney” struck by Amor Mint. The front of the medal commemorates the bridge “Opened March 19 1932”. 25mm. Appears to be brass or similar. Carlisle

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pageant Medal 1932/4

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened March 19th 1932. To celebrate, the state Government declared that day a public holiday and along with the official opening celebrations a pageant was held on that day that extended to a week-long event.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Pageant Medal With Pin 1932/4

Celebrating the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge March 19th 1932. An opening pageant was held and this medal with suspension loop and pin was to be worn at this and the week-long celebrations. Struck by Amor Mint.

Sydney Harbour Bridge The Big Store Marcus Clark & Co Ltd Medal 1932/3

SHB Opened 1932 Marcus Clark The Big Store Department store Marcus Clark & Co Ltd advertising medallion. 39mm. Looks to be struck in brass. Carlisle 1932/3 ex Carl Veen collection Coin Information Reference Number: K00238 Country: Australia Year: 1932 Mint:

Western Australia 1979 Sesqui-Centenary Medal Silver

Western Australia 1979 Sesquicentenary Silver Medal Coin Information Reference Number: X5306/14 Country: Australia Year: 1979 Grade: UNC