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Australia 1953 Angus and Coote Sydney Agricultural Show Souvenir – 3 mm Off Centre Error

Australia 1953 Angus and Coote Souvenir Token Error 28mm aluminium souvenir token struck for the Sydney Royal Agricultural Show in 1953, the coronation year of Queen Elizabeth II. One side shows a crowned right facing portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Australia 1953 Florin PCGS MS64

With obverse die crack from the base of the portrait clockwise through the legends.

Australia 1953 Shilling Ramstrike Error

A typical high lip error known as a ramstrike. Nice grade unc.

Australia 1953A Half Penny – Double Die Obverse

1953A Half Penny – Hub Doubled Obverse Interesting 1953A half penny with hub-doubled obverse (DDO). Grade is better than most of this variety with some remaining mint bloom and rainbow toning. Coin Information Reference Number: C091709 Country: Australia Denomination: Half

Australia 1954 Florin Ramstrike Error

1954 ramstruck coin error.

Australia 1954 Royal Visit Florin PCGS MS64

1954 Royal Visit Florin PCGS MS64 Coin Information Country: Australia Denomination: Florin Year: 1953 Grade: MS64 PCGS Reference: 15280363

Australia 1954 Shilling

Australia 1954 Shilling Interesting iridescent toning. Coin Information Reference Number: C020906 Country: Australia Denomination: 1d Year: 1954 Mint: Melbourne Grade: UNC

Australia 1954 Sixpence PCGS MS63 Struck 5% Off Centre Error

Approximately 2mm off centre strike.

Australia 1954 Sixpence PCGS MS65

Die polish line over the emu’s leg make this coin special. A nicer example than the MS66 I once owned.

Australia 1955 Shilling Ramstrike Error

Struck in the collar there is milling present from the E of ELIZ around to the T of GRATIA (coincidently where the high lip has formed). Where there is no milling the collar strike is weak and you can see fishtailing of the letters GINA.