New Zealand 1981 50 Cent Uncirculated Split Planchet Error

New Zealand 1981 Split Planchet 50 Cent Error

Split planchet error, the coin strike occurring after the planchet split in two. The split face of the coin is the reverse. Strike weakness is apparent because of the underweight planchet. Weighs 7.35g, more than half a regular 50c weights (13.61g). This is the larger half, the blank planchet didn’t split exactly in half. The dates is just visible, 1981.

Note this is the opposite to another error coin in our coinalog K00069 but is not the other side of the split planchet as the combined weights equal more than a full coin weight.

Coin Information

Reference Number:K00068
Country:New Zealand
Denomination:50 Cent
Error Type:Split Planchet -split before strike

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