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Sydney Harbour Bridge Rivet Medal 1932

Sydney Harbour Bridge Rivet Medal 1932 Medal from 1932 made from sections of excess rivets used in the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The rivets were sliced creating steel planchets used to strike these medals.Hard to find Carlisle ZS/2. …

Australia Sydney Harbour Bridge Steel Rivet Medal ZS/2 Read More »

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Off Center Misstrike

Approximately 2mm off centre strike.

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1976 Partial Collar Error

Better than the PCGS grade suggests.

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2005 Mob of Roos Misstrike

Shows the tear cud on HM’s cheek often seen in 2005 dollar errors.

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1962 Threepence Broadstrike PCGS MS64

Struck with chrome plated dies.

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Michael Meszaros Medal 1986

Michael Meszaros Medal 1986 “STATE VISIT TO AUSTRALIA PRESIDENT OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL CHAIM HERZOG NOVEMBER 1986 HESH’VAN 5747 E.C.A.J.,Z.F.A.” and the designers name and initials Michael Meszaros. The reverse features a menorah and the Southern Cross among a …

1986 State Visit to Australia of the President of the State of Israel Medal Read More »

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AIDA Science Education Award in Perspex -Ken Mappin

Andor Meszaros Design 1960 AIDA Science Education Award in Resin Block -Ken Mappin Designed by Andor Meszaros in 1960 and made by Stokes Ltd. 69 millimetre diameter sterling silver medal encased in resin block 96mm x 98mm and 25mm thick. …

1960 Andor Meszaros School Science Teachers Award Medal in Silver -Awarded to K J Mappin 1971 Read More »

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School Attendance Medal

Awarded to Percy Burgess. Silver medal struck by Stokes.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Pageant Medal

Celebrating the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge March 19th 1932. An opening pageant was held and this medal with suspension loop and pin was to be worn at this and the week-long celebrations. Struck by Amor Mint.

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Harold Peake PLI Collection 1988 $10 plastic notes Album No. 36, green album w/slipcover. PLI-Perspex, Laminated and (as) Issued. Contains 3 same serial commemorative uncirculated banknotes. Serial # AA03 053025 Note Encased in Perspex. Second issue NPA (with NPA embedded …

Australia 1988 Bicentennial Commemorative $10 Banknote Folder by Harold Peake Read More »

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