Australian World War 1 Identity Disc 6569 A.C. Todd

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Interesting World War 1 AIF Identity Disc crafted from Great Britain 1914 Penny.

Obverse is stamped with letter punches and reads:


Arthur Christenson Todd, a 29 year old engine driver enlisted on 16 February 1916 in Melbourne, Victoria. He served as a camp guard with the 29th Depot Battallion around Victoria until September 1916 when he was transferred to second company, 6th Battallion AIF. In December he was shipped to England and in January 1917 crossed the channel to the battlefields of France. Service in France saw him take ill several times during 1917, with multiple bouts of trench foot, the records in 1918 are sparse with little inkling of what trials Arthur Todd was subjected to until war’s end in November 1918. He departed the UK for Australia in May 1919 and arrived back home in June before finally being discharged in August. You can view Theodore Armfield’s service record here.

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Reference Number:C012008
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