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Australia 1915 To Commemorate the Landing Medallion

Click image to enlarge Listed in Carlisle as C1915/7. Minted in bronze, silvered bronze, silver and gold (just 4 minted in gold). This one is silvered bronze. One side shows a soldier with arm raised next to a wounded comrade

Australia 1915-1916 “Lest We Forget Australia’s Heroes Gallipoli” Celluloid Pin

Click image to enlarge Pennant shaped celluloid pin. Front shows a laurel wreath with crown and gold map of Australia above. The top reads: LEST WE FORGET While across the wreath and beneath are the words: AUSTRALIA’S HEROES. GALLIPOLI. APRIL

Australia 1916 For King and Country Medallion Bronze with Ribbon

1916 ANZAC Education Department Victoria Medallion with Ribbon/Pin Bronze medallion with suspension and contemporary pin and red/white/blue patriotic ribbon. This 27mm medallion is catalogued by Carlisle as C1916/2 and was struck by Stokes and Sons. Supposedly sold through schools as

Australia 1917 R.S. Dunn Adelaide ANZAC Medallion

1917 For King and Country / ANZAC Medallion Interesting 27mm bronze medallion with suspension at top catalogued by Carlisle as C1917/1. Obverse shows left facing portrait of King George with FOR KING AND COUNTRY 1917 around the rim. The obverse

Australia 1917 R.S. Dunn Adelaide ANZAC Medallion

1917 For King and Country / ANZAC Medallion Much better example of the medallion depicted here Coin Information Reference Number: C121701 Country: Australia Year: 1917 Mint: Stokes and Sons Grade: EF

Australia 1918 Honor to the AIF Medallion Bronze

Honor to the AIF 1918 Bronze Medallion Carlisle catalogue number 1918/2. Minted in bronze, silvered bronze, silver, and gold by Stokes & Sons. This one is bronze. Supposedly issued by the Education Department of Victoria. Obverse shows an Australian soldier

Australia 1918 Honor to the AIF Medallion Bronze with Ribbon

Honor to the AIF Medallion with Ribbon and Pin As per this medallion but this one includes a contemporary pin and red / white / blue ribbon. Coin Information Reference Number: C041705 Country: Australia Year: 1918 Mint: Stokes and Sons

Australia 9ct WW1 Return Fob – Un-Named

Click image to enlarge Un-named World War 1 Australian return fob. Depicts a standing AIF solider with rifle across chest in front of AIF rising sun. Rose gold surround with surrounded by legend. ANZAC 1915 HE ANSWERED HIS COUNTRY’S CALL

Australia World War 1 ID Disc – 5444 JS Graham

Click image to enlarge Australian WW 1 Identity Disc 1907 pattern, thicker aluminium disc with 1908 Australian Coat of Arms on one side. The other side is engraved with ‘wiggle work’ to read: 5444 JS Graham 22nd Btn A.I.F Pres

Australian Comforts Fund c1940’s Digger Celluloid Badge

Click image to enlarge Celluloid over cardboard badge an Australian soldier in khaki uniform and slouch had. Badge measures 28mm in diameter and retains original pin. Badge reads AUSTRALIAN COMFORTS FUND APPEAL around the border.