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1916 Adelaide Navy Day Medallion


Click image to enlarge Thin uniface pressed metal medallion with suspension 29mm in diameter and weighing 2.23g. Made from bronze or copper and depicts a naval ship with three funnels with NAVY DAY above and ADELADE 20.10.16 below. Likely a

A NZ Souvenir 1918 Birdwood Tin badge

General Birdwood Souvenir 1918 Tin Badge

General Birdwood Souvenir 1918 Tin Badge 32mm round tin badge with fixed pin on the reverse. Badge contains celluloid portrait of General Sir William Birdwood in an Australian slouch hat and uniform with tie and decorations visible on a white

ANZAC April 25 1915 Bronze Medallion

21.5mm ANZAC Medalltion

21.5mm ANZAC Medalltion 3.4g, 21.5mm. Bronze, holed as issued. Obverse “ANZAC 25 APRIL 1915″ in wreath. Reverse plain, edge plain. Catalogued in Carlisle as C1915/1. Missing red white and blue ribbon that would have been threaded through hole.

ANZAC DAY 1943 Sailors Hat Badge


Click image to enlarge Celluloid over cardboard badge measuring 38mm wide by 23mm high. Badge depicts a British pattern sailors cap in white with a royal blue band around the bottom. On a real cap the blue band would be

ANZAC Day 1943 Spitfire Celluloid Badge


Click image to enlarge Celluloid over cardboard badge depicting a Spitfire aircraft in grey and blue. Badge measures 40mm from wingtip to wingtip and 36mm from nose to tail. Legend on aircraft fuselage says ANZAC DAY 1943.

ANZAC Day A Diamond Shaped Cardboard Badge


Click image to enlarge Diamond shaped cardboard pin 27mm along each side. Has a navy border with white interior. In the center is a large white A with ANZAC above and DAY below against a square navy blue background.

ANZAC Day Appeal Cardboard Badge


Click image to enlarge Circular 32mm cardboard pin with navy blue border with white interior and large red V in center. Around the V are portraits of the major leaders of the allied powers of World War 2, Roosevelt, Churchill,

ANZAC DAY APPEAL White Celluloid Pin Badge


Click image to enlarge White celluloid shield shaped pin badge with red printing “ANZAC DAY APPEAL”. Badge measures 24mm wide by 38mm high. Today’s RSL (Returned & Services League of Australia Limited) was known, in 1941 as the R.S.S.A.I.L.A Returned

ANZAC Day Remembrance 1938 Tin Badge


Click image to enlarge 25mm round tin badge with spring pin on the reverse. A white badge with a green wreath border and blue bow at bottom. In the centre of the badge is a blue banner with REMEMBRANCE in

ANZAC DAY RSS & AILA 1941 Blue Celluloid Badge


Click image to enlarge Royal blue celluloid A measuring 35mm wide by 32mm high. Legend reads RSS & AILA down the left leg of the A, ANZAC DAY on the right leg, and 1941 on the crosspiece. Today’s RSL (Returned

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